About Us

TNT The New Trend was founded in 1992 by Arie Assaraf and Carrie Richmond.

From its first 1200 sq ft store on Eglinton Avenue West, TNT has grown to five locations: Eglinton Avenue West, Hazelton Lanes, Bayview Village, Montreal, and Australia.

Today, TNT The New Trend occupies over 18,000 sq ft on Eglinton Avenue West, 18,000 sq ft in Hazelton Lanes, and 6,000 sq ft in Montreal, representing over 350 designers from around the world.

TNT has become the go-to destination for men’s and women’s fashions, creating a full family shopping experience.



Corporate Head Office 

TNT The New Trend LTD.
1020 Lawrence Avenue W. Unit 202
Toronto, ON, M6A 1C8

t / 416.488.3107
f / 416.488.8273
e / info@tntthenewtrend.com